Finding the right horse is really hard, horse lovers can trawl lots of bog standard “industry known” sites, magazines and adverts trying to find a horse that is right for them and, is actually still for sale. The brainchild of Andrew Amy and Brooke Alan, they wanted to develop an App and platform that would allow users to find horses for sale easily, quickly and disrupt the industry “old ways of buying and selling horses”. They were tired of the way in which the 3 or 4, well known, industry sites advertising model and wanted to put finding a horse for sale at your fingertips – easy to search, find what was right for you and your needs and make sure that you could connect with trusted buyers and sellers alike.


As a brand new technology start up – Whickr wanted to launch into and take market share from the 3-4 well known industry brands for buying and selling horses online. The objectives were phased over the first 12 months:

  • Drive brand awareness launch Whickr into the equestrian world as a competitor
  • Drive consumers directly to download the App via App stores via Paid Search and Paid Social Media
  • Acquire Organic traffic to the brand website through SEO strategies – informing users about the benefits of the platform, tips on buying and selling horses – targeting a wide demographic in UK and Ireland
  • Increase traffic from all channels – which would convert into active users of the platform for buying and selling horses

Our Solutions

Focusing on Paid Search Campaign strategies as we needed to drive traffic quickly to the new site/platform – using Google Adwords – as it still has the biggest amount of searches in the UK. We carefully crafted the campaigns to run tests on a small budget to start, as the functionality of the platform was “App first”. We setup a number of App Install PPC Campaigns, which allowed the consumer to directly go to the App Store of their device to download the Whickr App.

We built a number of Paid Social Media Campaigns for Facebook and Instagram, targeting those with interests in equestrian areas, followers of the main competitors and ran them in rotation, with creative message around a “new way to find your ideal horse”, ease of use, benefits of the platform and how its all at your fingertips – with great successes. Whickr had also built out a large organic following of their accounts, which made performance even better to target lookalike audiences at that time.

Ran in-depth keyword research for SEO, focusing on low, medium and high volume search terms to include across all areas of onpage SEO and when building out landing pages for the site. We used this keyword research to hone in and develop a robust Content Marketing Strategy, internal linking matrix for key landing pages and the homepage, while Paid Search was the main driver of traffic, until the site and brand became more known. We saw a zero to 6.5k Organic Search Traffic performance in the first half of the year from launch.



App Install PPC Campaign

  • 2500 Installs within first 3 months
  • Conversion rate from 1.5% – 16.4% in 3 months

PPC Campaign

  • 885 Conversions within first 3 months
  • Avg. CPC £0.11 across highly competitive keywords

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Zero to 6500 New Users per month (from month zero to 6) and climbing
  • “Horses for Sale” key phrase top 5 position in Google UK
  • Ranked top 10 in Google UK for 145 key phrases with Avg. Monthly Search volume of 154k