The Brief

Rebound Fitness are a well known fitness brand in the UK and US that focuses on building strength, recovery from injuries and surgery, improving fitness and weight loss through low impact work outs via its core Rebound products and strategic training modules.

We were approached by Rebound Fitness to increase their online sales and improve the ROI via a highly optimised and targeted PPC Strategy, where they needed to target specific audiences and consumers – specifically excluding consumers just looking for generic trampolines.


Review performance of current Paid Search Ad Accounts – both Google PPC Account and Bing PPC Account

Increase sales of product range – with a focus on premium range

Increase the Return of Investment  (ROI) / Return of Advertising Spend (ROAS) from where it had been previously

Improve the quality of the clicks and pull in the “right kind of traffic/audience” to the brand

Our Solutions

We completely overhauled and restructured both Google and Bing Paid Search Accounts – the accounts had previously been poorly setup, optimised and added to over the previous 6 months, to make sure they were both robust and primary focus was on quality of traffic to convert to sales.

Using keywords and phrases from consumers who already converted within the accounts and we widened that keyword research to broaden the reach of the account. Focusing on keywords and phrases that would only be beneficial to the USPs of the brand and products they offered. We tightened the targeting for the “right kind of  audience” using custom audience lists for those who were more likely to convert.

Constant monitoring of the performance of the accounts to drive further improvements – with constant feedback loops with the client on the leads that were being generated. This allowed us to increase spend by 400% within 6 weeks, while the client could deal with new customer base, upselling of other products and services.

The Results

Paid Search

Lowered the Cost Per Sale: -112%

Increase in ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend): 1280%

Increase in Paid Search Conversion Rate: +328% – from 1.89% – 8.1%