The Brief

Mortgage Sure was setup as a dedicated Financial Services brand offering mortgages to consumers who had been affected by adverse credit issues. Mortgage Sure wanted to offer the best possible solution to consumers in such positions based on affordability and offer a variety of Mortgages that even with past credit issues, the consumer could choose from.
Our brief was to drive high quality leads through Paid Search (PPC) channels, which would convert on site at a target Cost Per Acquisition.


Drive a high volume of leads through Paid Search, that would convert via an enquiry form which would be processed via the Mortgage Sure team.

Deliver high quality leads from Paid Search, focusing on those that had adverse credit, but were more likely to convert over other attributes that wouldn’t.

Hit a target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) in a highly competitive industry and channel to make sure the Return on Investment (ROI) and channel worked within a margin for Mortgage Sure, to offer the services and scale at speed.

All marketing content had to adhere to strict FCA regulations for compliance and be fair to the consumer.

Our Solutions

An in-depth, deep dive keyword research phase was undertaken, to build out a robust keyword list for the PPC AdWords campaigns, focusing on what consumers used when looking for mortgages based on their adverse credit – categorising the keywords into different segments, based on consumer profiles and mortgage product selection.

Built PPC campaigns based on the different kind of products offered and the audience/consumer profiling – working with Mortgage Sure to deliver a robust PPC strategy focusing on best potential returns for budget spent. Assigning different bidding strategies to deliver the best results.

Developed highly relevant, targeted stand alone campaign pages to improve quality score for each PPC Campaign, driving different audience segments for best onsite user experience and content based on audience need.

Developed a large negative keyword list for each campaign across both PPC AdWords accounts – making sure that we continually monitored and added to it, to drive efficiencies across the accounts.

Developed Google Data Studio reporting that highlighted in granular detail Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), so it could be accessed 24/7 by Mortgage Sure to review performance.

The Results

Exceeded Lead Volume target set by Mortgage Sure by 208% in first month.

Conversion Rate improvement by 117% from first month, from 14.8% to average 32.1% – driving more Lead Volume.

Lowered target Cost Per Acquisition – by 71% through targeted audience selection, keyword and Ad Copy/Messaging.

Delivered an average ROAS of 28 from first month onwards.

Gave the client the option to scale at speed, with ease and in the knowledge that the full sales cycle worked and was successful for them.