The Brief

Firestorm Games is a large online games supplier – although they offer the widest variety of games available, their core focus is on tabletop games – namely Wargames and Miniatures (think Warhammer 40k). Firestorm Games wanted to increase its organic traffic, take organic traffic marketshare off its competitors and increase its sales and profit margin for key product categories across its range.


Increase sales of core category and product lines via digital channels.

Improve profitability margin of online sales.

Increase the Organic Traffic to the site – specifically core category and product lines around tabletop gaming.

Take 5% of the market share of Organic Traffic from top 5 competitors.

Our Solutions

As an enterprise ecommerce brand, Firestorm Games have over 20,000 products available online, it was imperative to run a full Technical SEO Audit to ensure we addressed all areas of the site, before continuing with any other SEO activity. We delivered a prioritised working list to implement onsite to improve the foundation of the site, from an SEO perspective and improve signals to search engines, cleaning up and fixing any errors, inline with SEO best practice.

Focusing on core category and product lines that Firestorm wanted to increase online visibility, sales and organic traffic for, we ran a full, in depth keyword research across the range. Producing a robust keyword matrix document, to target at category, product and customer intent level to maximise any internal linking and offsite, backlinking strategy. Applying on-page SEO to be more relevant for keywords and search terms and building out hundreds of onsite internal links for each area – beyond just navigational links.

Using Google Shopping PPC, we segmented and restructured the feed to focus on building out campaigns around the core products, aligning different bids dependant on profit margin, targeted keywords and content for each product. We highly optimised the Google Shopping feed to bring in all elements to deliver Firestorm Games higher up the rankings in Google Shopping, carefully monitoring the spend, profit of each area.

We further rolled out the optimised Google Shopping Campaigns to other product categories, while increasing the sales and improving the profit margin for each product sold.


84% increase in Organic Traffic within the first 4 months.

Increase in top 10 positions in Organic Search from 100 keywords to over 700 keywords and phrases for consumers searching for products offered by Firestorm Games within first 4 months.

Overtaking 5 competitors in top 3 Organic Search results for high volume (5k+ pm) keywords within 6 months.

512% increase in Organic Traffic sales.

198% increase in sales via Google Shopping Campaigns.

Improved profit margin of online sales of key products for Firestorm Games.