During the global pandemic we were approached to work with one of the industry leading experts in the field of Cardiothoracic, Dr Mark Ali. Dr Ali used his extensive knowledge and expertise in immunology and molecular biology to create a host of clinical services offering a range of fast, reliable Covid-19 Testing and Antibody testing solutions.

The brief was to offer the products to consumers, beyond what was being offered by NHS Trusts and Government bodies at the time, to allow consumers to have a wider range and access of Covid-19 Tests available. We needed to drive results quickly, in channels that consumers were searching for solutions and overcome barriers to market via strict regulations. The biggest challenge would be the ever changing rules about travel, borders, work from home – which provided both the client as us as an agency, a rollercoaster of a ride as we had to adapt and change quickly.


Put Private Harley Street Clinic at the forefront of consumers minds when it came to Covid-19 Testing solutions
Drive Covid-19 Testing Solution products and sales to consumers through online channels
Lower the Cost Per Acquisition
Scale the business at speed within the strict guidelines and confines of a regulated market

Our Solutions

Using both PPC and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – we were able to position Private Harley Street Clinic to top positions in search, when consumers needed clarity around different types and availability of Covid-19 testing solutions.

Through both Bing and Google PPC, we had to carefully navigate and get the client “white listed” to be able to advertise the products and services within the UK.

Developed a highly optimised and targeted PPC strategy, focusing on highly populated areas of the UK – we expanded this to target areas of the UK that had high Covid-19 infection rates – so those solutions were available to consumers.

Content Marketing and SEO – we developed a host of highly relevant and optimised content and product pages using consumer key phrases, questions and queries they had to drive the content to top 1-3 positions during a highly competitive (competition was from .gov, local authority and media outlets) period.

Mining publicly available data from the government, travel authorities, global country “travel lists” and Office of National Statistics – we were able to develop real time, relevant and evergreen content that could be changed with the ever changing rules to keep the content in top 3 positions for consumers searching for answers that were sometimes hard to find on local rules, travel restrictions and border controls.


Paid Search

Lowered the Cost Per Sale: -52%

Increase in ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend): 480%

Increase in Paid Search Conversion Rate: +124%

Organic Search

Increase in Organic Search 1-6 months: 642%

Increase in Organic Search Conversion Rate: +109%